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    Invoice Design 101


    Consistent and well-crafted invoice design is a must for your brand’s longevity.

    Invoices represent the systematization of your business, however large or small.

    Your invoice structure must entail a cohesive draft detailing the information that will enable your client to learn key facts and make payments accordingly. 

    Clearly formatted invoices include a comprehensive yet brief description of your services, the amount due by the client, and the payment deadline.

    Your invoice must detail each of these in an easy-to-read style that corresponds with your overall brand style, logo, and design. 

    So, what does an invoice look like? Here are some design essentials that will give you some insight.

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    Make Sure The Invoice Reflects Your Brand

    As stated earlier, setting up clear and professional-looking invoices helps lend a reputed feel to your business.

    There is a plethora of information on how to write an invoice.

    Remember, that an invoice is an itemized summary of the goods you have supplied to a client or the services that you rendered for your client’s benefit. When sending this summary, make sure to list all information in a way that is brief yet inclusive of all necessary details.

    Moreover, ensure that the design and feel of your invoice correspond with that of your overall business and brand. 

    To maintain consistency between your brand and that of your invoice, create a company invoice logo and stick to your brand’s trademark color, themes, and other design elements.

    Although it may appear trivial, invoices represent your business. Professional-looking invoices can go a long way in establishing authority. 

    Use The Right Colors

    Using an appropriate scheme of colors does not only accentuate the theme and style of your invoices but is also crucial in contributing to a proper structure.

    A simple but comprehensive invoice will include all necessary information in a way that is readable and easy to digest at a glance.

    There are different ways to achieve this, however, the easiest way is to through consistent use of color and style. 

    When designing your invoice, you can use colors to highlight and contrast this information against other details listed.

    Generally, the itemized summaries include descriptions of the service, the dates on which these were provided, rates, and more. Such information is listed in the form of a grid.

    By using different color schemes and font sizes, you can highlight the most important information.

    Here’s an example. 

    Important Information Should Standout 

    According to invoice 101 principles, the most fundamental information needs to immediately stand out for your client’s convenience.

    This includes the invoice sender’s name, the amount due, and the final date by which the payment must be made.

    The extra attention to the layout and design helps to instill a sense of urgency amongst the client, which cuts the confusion and decreases time to payment. 

    Using contrasting colors and different font sizes are some of the ways to display the data. You can try bolding, using a larger font, or highlighting certain areas with a different color.

    You are free to create your own template that uses a combination of all these different elements to emphasize relevant information. 


    Here are some brands that offer customizable invoice templates to suit your business’s brand. 

    • Behance offers Pascal Dufour, an easy-on-the-eyes, customizable template for your invoice. It’s equipped with catchy lines and a systematic color scheme that makes all the important information immediately pop
    • Hubspot offers an extremely basic but convenient invoice template with room for all relevant information, without any unnecessary features. If you are the type that favors simplicity, this template is the way to go
    • Blue Service Invoice comes with a complete set of 10 templates that you can download at once. The customizable template is shaded in blue and offers a systematic structure with a neat grid to categorize relevant information
    • Ari Kryzeks’s ‘Front and Centre’ is an eye-catching template that empathizes the key information in red and black, bolded text 


    A fresh-looking, professional invoice is not only eye-catching but also needs to display the most important financial information in a clear and concise way.

    Moreover, using a suggested customizable invoice template allows you to eliminate the hassle of designing an invoice from scratch. 

    By following these invoice design principles, you’ll be able to ensure you present the data to your clients in an easy-to-read, clear manner.