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Keeping track of all your employees takes far too much valuable time out of your day. Hubstaff offers time tracking software for employee monitoring. So will this software change your business for the better, or are options more worthwhile?

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    What is Hubstaff?

    Founded in 2012, Hubstaff came about due to the need for better employee management. It started as a time tracking software and evolved to incorporate features allowing for a full employee management solution.

    Pros of Hubstaff

    Since its conception, Hubstaff has become a favored solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Here is why.

    Dynamic solution for SMB’s ( Small & Midsize business)

    Hubstaff offers a time-saving solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It realized the need to eliminate unnecessary micromanagement. Hubstaff offers accurate time tracking to keep on top of employee activity effectively.    

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    Hubstaff takes into account the necessity of remote-based management. It allows you to easily keep track of your workforce, no matter your location. The mobile functionality is limited compared to its desktop version. It allows you a basic overview of your current projects. 

    Time Saving Auto-invoicing and recurring payments

    Hubstaff includes an invoicing feature as part of its management solution. The auto invoicing and recurring payment feature streamline your payment processes. Save custom invoices for clients and set them to run automatically.  


    This all-in-one employee management solution offers simplicity to a complex problem. Hubstaff makes it easy for you to have a convenient overview of your business by bringing all aspects together. Its user-friendly design means effortless navigation even for those that are new to the platform. 

    Great reporting

    You can only tell so much from day to day data. That’s why Hubstaff offers a comprehensive reporting feature. This time-stamped reporting provides a more in-depth look into your team’s work and efficiency. Reports offer up to 20 different metrics and KPIs to evaluate your staffs’ productivity. 

    Time Tracking

    As Hubstaffs main feature, the solution is designed around employee time tracking. You can keep an eye on all activity as well as team usage. This feature means you will have a better insight into how to improve staff productivity. The time tracking feature also means far more accurate expense management, eliminating the need for costly estimates. 

    Invoice to pay function

    Hubstaff’s invoicing software allows for multiple payment methods. Clients can make use of the standard EFT function as well as a direct PayPal or Payoneer option. Invoices are sent via email and can also be downloaded to PDF, catering towards the most convenient method for your client.   

    Hubstaff features

    1. Payroll Software
    2. Time tracking
    3. Online timesheets
    4. Geofencing
    5. Online invoicing
    6. Employee monitoring
    7. Gps tracking
    8. Detailed reporting
    9. Employee scheduling
    10. Project budgeting
    11. Productivity measurement
    12. Free 14 day trial
    13. Onboarding demo
    14. Help desk integrations
    15. CRM integration
    16. Payment, accounting, and invoice integrations
    17. Project management integrations
    18. Mobile application
    19. Customer support on PC and mobile
    20. Free limited version available 

    Hubstaff Pricing

    Hubstaff offers users a monthly or annual price plan. The annual plan also offers a 2-month free discount. A 14-day free trial is also available on its website.

    Hubstaff Pricing Plans

    Hubstaff offers four packages and is per user based:

    • Free
    • Basic: $7 monthly 
    • Premium: $10 monthly 
    • Enterprise: $20 monthly 

    Technical details

    The technical details for Hubstaff are as follow:

    Devices supported

    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Chromebook
    • Android/IOS


    • Web-based
    • Desktop Installation

    Language Support

    • English

    Pricing Model

    • Monthly payment
    • Annual payment

    Customer Types

    • Small to medium businesses 

    Customer Service

    As far as customer support, Hubstaff offers multiple support options including a ticketing system, which Hubstaff claims is the fastest method. It also provides an email address and a comprehensive FAQ section on the Hubstaff website. However, customer support is not available 24/7.

    Bottom line

    Hubstaff offers a time tracking solution for employee management that is perfect for the SMB sector. While primarily a time tracking solution, it’s all-in-one management design offers an adequate product to fill this need.

    It can get a little expensive compared to others on the market and only offers support in English. Customer service is not available 24/7. For alternatives, look into similar software solutions such as Freshbooks and Quickbooks, to find the best fit for your organization.