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Every company wants to employ only the best software and management platforms. Can YayPay be classified as one of the best? Let’s have a detailed look.

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    What Is YayPay?

    YayPay is software that specializes in the area of accounts receivable. It claims to be a full end-to-end AI solution.

    Pros of YayPay

    Every business owner wants the best accounts receivable platform to help their business stay on track. The same is true for invoicing software, and any other financial management software. We’ve taken a closer look at seven drawcards for YayPay.

    Dynamic Solution for SMBs (Small & Midsize Businesses)

    This platform offers a dynamic solution for businesses of all sizes.

    Whether it is a small or medium business or a corporation, the streamlined, centralized approach of Yaypay offers a dynamic solution for your financial management and accounts payable needs.

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    While this platform doesn’t offer a stand-alone application for Android or iOS, that’s not to say that it doesn’t offer a responsive mobile platform.

    It’s fully optimized for mobile browsers, giving you the flexibility to access your accounts payable and reporting software on any device.

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    Since this platform is focused on accounts payable, automatic invoicing is not a focus of this program. However, recurring payments can be set up as part of the accounts payable.


    The YayPay platform offers simplicity and efficiency in every form. From the centralized accounts payable dashboard to the streamlined and integrated reporting, this software is simple.

    Great Reporting

    Understanding your business’ finances is the first step toward improving the workflow, and increasing profits.

    With comprehensive tax reporting, invoice reporting, expense reporting, and profit reporting, you can stay on top of your financial management. 

    YayPay’s accounts payable platform is not only comprehensive but also centralized and integrated, meeting your ease-of-use needs. 

    Time Tracking

    This platform is not specialized in project or time management, but in accounts payable. As such, the software doesn’t offer comprehensive time tracking services.

    Invoice to Pay Function

    This platform allows you to create customizable invoices and receive payment instantly via the payment portal. From e-wallets to bank transfers, YayPay has you covered.

    YayPay Features

    YayPay offers a plethora of features that can be of great use. This is a list of some of the most noteworthy features:

    • Accounts receivable dashboard
    • Automated communications
    • Predictive analysis capabilities
    • Collections management
    • Integrated payments
    • Customized features
    • Client credit assessment
    • Flexible payment options
    • Invoice-payment integration
    • AR reporting
    • Communications history
    • Invoice reporting
    • Expense reporting
    • Payment reporting
    • Invoice sorting
    • Communications sorting
    • Integrated communications and payment history
    • Integrated reporting
    • Cloud-based storage
    • Other app integrations

    YayPay Pricing

    Most financial management platforms and invoicing software have several different payment plans on offer. YayPay is not, in this way, a standard platform.

    Rather than offering standardized pricing plans, YayPay deals with each business on a customized basis.

    Your pricing plan will be calculated according to the services you indeed, and the guidance that YayPay feels you could benefit from.

    Technical Details

    Financial management software has many technical aspects that need to be considered. This is a summary of the technical specifications for YayPay.

    Available Platforms

    • Windows (browser)
    • Mac (browser)
    • Android (browser)
    • iOS (browser)


    • Cloud-based

    Language Support

    • English

    Billing Options

    • Client-specific 

    Customer Types

    • Small & Medium Businesses
    • Large corporations

    Customer Service

    YayPay provides multiple options for contacting customer support. You can choose to use the online customer support form, phone the correct regional office, or email the department in question.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re looking for accounts management software that specializes in the area of accounts receivable, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you’re simply looking for centralized software to help manage your accounts, then you may wish to look at competitors.

    Some software, like FreshBooks and QuickBooks, have all the functionality that you need with an intrinsically simple design.

    YayPay certainly has advantages, but consider carefully before you decide.