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Every company could use a centralized platform for both its financial and team management needs. Everhour is such a platform, but does it have all the features your business needs?

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    Every company could use a centralized platform for both its financial and team management needs. Everhour is such a platform, but does it have all the features your business needs?

    What Is Everhour?

    Everhour is a centralized time-tracking software that's based around your team. It was released in 2015 by a Belarusian company called Weavora Consulting LLC. The company specializes in web development, so there may be multiple reasons for trying this software.

    Pros of Everhour

    Every piece of software has its pros and cons. What are the advantages of using Everhour? Here are seven categories that could define the worth of the software. 

    Dynamic Solution for SMBs ( Small & Midsize Businesses)

    Every small business requires software that will help them to manage their staff. Everhour offers you centralized reporting for financials, taxes, invoices, and even billable hours. Additionally, it reports your team's time efficiency so you can improve workflow.

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    While this software has not released a stand-alone application for Android, it does have one for iOS. If you're an Android user, you may be disappointed. However, since the software is cloud-based and mobile-optimized, you can use it directly from your mobile browser.

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the software, Everhour does not offer the ability to create automatic recurring invoices.

    However, if you have set the parameters correctly, you can use the software to generate an invoice for any time-frame that is past automatically. Indeed, you can even set parameters for billable and non-billable tasks. 


    This software is centralized, lending it a simplicity that can often be found lacking where comprehensive management and time tracking software is concerned.

    Great Reporting

    This software offers great reporting on everything from invoices and expenses to billable hours and project budgets.

    Time Tracking

    Everhour offers several different types of time tracking. You have the option to view it in different modes. These include: weekly, daily, monthly, by employee or by project.

    Invoice to Pay Function

    Because Everhour is focused mainly on reporting and invoicing, you cannot receive payments via this software. However, it does offer efficient means of processing payment information. 

    Everhour Features

    Everhour offers many standard features. Here are some examples:

    • Integrated with other workforce apps
    • Automatic data syncing
    • Centralized reporting
    • Individualized time scheduling
    • Progress dashboard
    • Project budget dashboard
    • Project costing dashboard
    • Team hour dashboard
    • Time off function
    • Task timer
    • Timecards
    • Client list filter
    • Project filter
    • Project timer
    • Individualized schedules
    • Detailed schedule view
    • Schedule filter
    • Professional invoicing
    • Detailed expense reports
    • Invoice reporting

    Everhour Pricing

    Everhour, as with most invoicing and time tracking software, offers different categories of pricing plans. At the time of writing, Everhour was offering two different price plans.     

    Everhour Pricing Plans

    • Free membership - Supports up to five members, no integrations.
    • Basic membership: monthly - $7 per user per month - reduced to $5 if paid annually

    Basic membership offers unlimited users and access to all integrations.

    It is also worth mentioning that Everhour offers a 14 day free trial for basic members. Additionally, you can arrange for a live demo of the software.

    Technical Details

    The technical details make all the difference when you're trying to choose good invoicing software. This is what Everhour has to offer: 

    Available Platforms
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Google Chrome extension available
    • Cloud-based 
    Language Support
    • English
    • Other (only on invoices)
    Billing Options
    • Monthly
    • Annual 
    Customer Types
    • Freelancers
    • SMBs
    • Large companies

    Customer Service

    Customer service is an essential aspect of every service provider. Everhour offers a comprehensive web-based help desk that should resolve any questions you might have about the software. However, if you truly need to speak to a representative, your options are limited. Everhour only offers support via an online contact form.

    Bottom Line

    Everhour has its merits. For example, the centralized dashboard and reporting capabilities. The challenges are that it can’t accept payments; the focus is more on reporting. It doesn’t have an Android app, and it hasn't been around very long.  

    If you're looking for something that has stood the test of time and has all the features a business needs, you may wish to consider a competitor like Quickbooks or Freshbooks