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Handdy is a subsidiary of Integra Global Solutions Corp. It offers cloud-based accounting solutions for small businesses, freelancers, and home users.

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    What is Handdy?

    From timesheets and invoicing to estimates and accounts, Handdy provides various online accounting tools. 

    The software allows small enterprises and home users to keep track of income and expenses, employees, tax, and more.

    Pros of Handdy

    If you want to know more about this invoicing software, then see the below features.

    Dynamic Solution for SMBs

    Handdy was designed for introductory accounting practices. The solutions it provides are simple and easy to use. 

    Everything is stored on the cloud and powered by the Google app engine, allowing for remote access and instant invoicing. 

    On the dashboard, you will find Timesheets, Invoices, Estimates, Accounts, and Home Accounts. Each one comes with its own features.

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    The software is accessible around the clock to send and follow up invoices and estimates.

    Unfortunately, Handdy is not optimized for mobile devices, nor is there an app. However, it’s still possible to use it via the desktop site. 

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    Invoices are customizable and automated. You can set up recurring reminders and payment confirmation emails. 

    However, the integrated database requires your customers to create their own Handdy account to view payment and invoice history. 


    The Handdy platform is incredibly simplified and great for users with little or no accounting experience.

    The suite of tools renders the accounting process an easy one, while reporting and tracking is manageable and centralized.

    Great Reporting

    With Handdy, you can generate various reports. These include income and expenses, profit and loss, taxes collected, as well as customer and supplier reports. 

    The home accounting also allows you to record and produce personal income and expense and tax reports.

    Time Tracking

    The timesheets feature found on the dashboard lets you track employees, tasks, and projects. 

    Additionally, the downloadable desktop application has an in-built timer allowing you to monitor employees. 

    Invoice to Pay Function

    Customers can pay invoices directly in your selected currency. However, the payment gateways only allow up to four payment methods. These include PayPal, Stripe, debit/ credit, and E-Check.

    Handdy Features

    • Free and premium membership
    • Intuitive platform
    • Real-time accounting
    • Personal accounting
    • Customized invoicing
    • Automated and recurring options
    • Estimates feature
    • Employee tracking
    • Task and project tracking
    • Daily reporting
    • Customer database
    • Products and services portfolio
    • Supports 4 payment gateways
    • 150+ currency options
    • 10+ language choices
    • Translation feature
    • Income and expense tracking
    • Various payment reports
    • Custom and tax reports
    • 100% cloud-based

    Handdy Pricing

    Pricing options are affordable. Elect to use the free version or the premium packages for more enhanced features. See below for pricing details.

    Handdy Pricing Plans

    • Unlimited Free Version - use all Handdy products free of charge.
    • Timesheets - Pay $1.72 per month, per employee
    • Invoices Premium - Pay $1 per month
    • Estimates Premium - Pay $1 per month 
    • Accounts Premium - Pay $1 per month
    • Home Accounts Premium - Pay $1 per month

    Free Handdy products have advertisements. To preclude this, you can select one of the premium packages, which includes additional features. 

    Technical Details

    Find more about this invoicing software by reading the technical details below.

    Pricing Model

    • Free
    • Monthly subscription

    Customer Types

    • Freelancers and individual users
    • Small businesses


    • Cloud-hosted

    Language Support

    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Chinese 
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Arabic
    • Hindu
    • Urdu

    Devices Supported

    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Android
    • iPhone/ iPad
    • Web-based

    Customer Service

    During this Handdy review, it was evident that customer support is limited for free users. 

    While there is a ‘Help’ section with FAQs, no contact options exist within the platform, and you must use the ‘Contact Us’ homepage. Here, you can submit a query or phone one of the listed numbers.

    Premium users, however, have access to same-day telephonic support.

    Bottom Line

    Handdy is geared towards small enterprises and personal use. While there are a fair amount of accounting tools, the limited features make it less than suitable for some. 

    Although intuitive, the platform is designed for basic accounting practices. If you require a more in-depth accounting solution, then perhaps Freshbooks or Quickbooks are better alternatives.