Invoice Ocean Review

We are taking a look at Invoice Ocean, an online accounting solution that offers a cloud-based invoicing solution for your business. With your business being mobile, your processes should be as well.

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    What is Invoice Ocean

    Invoice Ocean is a subscription system for small to medium businesses that make invoice generation and payment tracking available online.

    Pros of Invoice Ocean

    Invoice Ocean is a solution for new and small businesses that require assistance with issuing and tracking of invoices and payments. 

    Dynamic Solutions for SMBs

    In the age of small to medium businesses, Invoice Ocean offers an accessible, no commitment accounting solution.

    The site is easy to use and provides the most basic services needed to generate and track invoices. 

    When signing up for your account, you qualify for a free 30-day trial period before choosing one of the packages available. The interface is easy to use, and the layout of the invoices is basic. 

    Responsive mobile platform

    Invoice Ocean stores all information in the cloud, allowing for access anywhere and at any time. The site integrates with well-known payment systems, with easy access for you and your client.

    Time-saving auto-invoicing and recurring invoicing

    Once the invoice is published, you can schedule a recurring invoice from the options that are made available and set the parameters accordingly.

    When generating an invoice, the system will automatically store the information for easy access in the future. This function is time-saving and helps to ensure correct invoicing.


    Invoice Ocean is a straightforward system with basic invoicing and invoice management in global currencies and languages.

    Invoice Ocean has predetermined the details required for invoicing, removing the guesswork. As confirmed, all information is stored for future retrieval, saving you time.

    Great Reporting

    An overview of the sales revenue is available on your dashboard, which is visible as soon as you log in.

    You can select from a list of detailed and specific reports from the list available on the 'Reporting' dropdown.

    The reports that are available to you will depend on the pricing option that you have chosen.

    Time Tracking

    Though Invoice Ocean is designed for freelancers and small businesses, it does not have the feature as far as we can tell.

    Invoice to pay

    Invoice Ocean has an integrated payment option that allows your clients to settle outstanding invoices directly from linked online payment systems such as PayPal.

    Invoice Ocean Features

    • Quick Invoicing by calculating Tax, Gross and Net totals
    • Payment Status Tracker
    • Personalized URL for access to data stored in the cloud
    • Information stored used to auto-generate similar invoice
    • Send invoice directly from the system
    • 29 international languages
    • Issue warehouse documents and track stock 
    • Automate Recurring invoices
    • Single account for multiple businesses
    • Product list automatically updated from the stored information
    • Issue Receipts
    • A detailed range of reports
    • Integrated 'Pay Now' option on invoices
    • Client list updated from invoice details
    • Multi-currency invoicing
    • Customer support chat 
    • Sales overview visible on the dashboard
    • Export to PDF, XML and JSON
    • Multiple user access allowed 
    • Personalized document numbering for departments


    The pricing option goes along with what the business requires. Invoice Ocean offers a free option that is very limited to an enterprise option that covers a full range of features.

    All options are available for a 30-day trial when opening an account.

    Pricing options (with the weekly discount applied)

    • Free @ $0.00/m
    • Basic @ $7.20/m (normally $9/m)
    • Professional @ $14.10/m ($18/m)
    • Enterprise @ $25.60/m ($32/m)

    Technical Details

    Price Model

    • Monthly Subscription

    Target Customers

    • Small to Medium businesses 
    • Digital Freelancers

    Product Deployment

    • Cloud-Based


    • 29 international languages 

    Customer Service

    On the website, you can find a contact number or email address along with the operation hours. The site also offers a chat facility that allows you to send a message should it be offline.

    Bottom line

    Invoice Ocean is a basic invoicing system that offers all that is needed to start your business. It does offer a variety of services and features, but it does warrant a look around before deciding.

    We recommend checking out InvoiceNinja and Quickbooks as an alternative.