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Freelancers and small to midsize businesses (SMBs) seeking a reliable online billing service to get a better handle on their invoices should seriously consider using Invoice2go to achieve faster, more reliable invoice payments.

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    Invoice2go software was the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur, Chris Strode, who initially built the service to be installed locally on devices in Windows. Over time, the decision was made to provide Invoice2go as a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) proposition, in a bid to compete properly with other invoicing software that was already accessible 24/7 via mobile devices.

    Fast forward to the present day and you'll discover in this Invoice2go review that it's now a world-renowned platform with more than a quarter-of-a-million individuals and businesses utilizing the service. In 2016, Invoice2go software received a considerable revamp of its user interface (UI) for desktop and mobile users. While the desktop overhaul was well-received, its mobile UI was widely criticized. Thankfully, in the months after the update, Invoice2go’s developers issued a serious of patches to rid the app of various glitches.

    The end result is an invoicing software provider that clearly listens to user feedback and cares about the quality and reliability of its platform.

    If you are anticipating Invoice to go to be an all-in-one accounting software for your business, you’ll be somewhat disappointed. It doesn’t incorporate elements such as bank feeds and tax preparation. You'll discover as you read more of this Invoice2go review that it focuses squarely on creating, distributing, monitoring and organizing your client invoices to maintain cash flow for your business.

    Pros of Invoice2go

    In this Invoice2go review, we’d like to tell you about all the best features you should know about the platform and why it’s a credible choice for any freelancer, contractor or SMB seeking a better workflow for being compensated for your hard work.

    Dynamic solution for SMBs

    In terms of Invoice2go’s dynamism, the beauty of the platform is that it knows its limitations and focuses solely on providing the slickest, most intuitive billing software possible. More recently, Invoice2go has invested heavily in an improved UI, with a powerful dashboard that makes it easy to view unsent, unpaid or overdue invoices at the touch of a button. It’s also possible to monitor monthly sales figures and even a “Today” section that allows users to set to-do invoices for the next working day.

    Responsive mobile platform

    As Invoice2go is now cloud-hosted, business accounts can be synchronized in real-time with desktop and mobile devices. Invoice2go offers mobile apps for Android and iOS users. It’s even possible to design professional invoices on the go using inbuilt templates. You don’t need any technical training to use the mobile apps – they state that if you can send an email you can use Invoice2go to distribute invoices and even estimates.

    Time-saving auto-invoicing and recurring payments

    In one of the platform’s recent updates, Invoice2go billing software now includes the capability to schedule recurring invoices to repeat customers. There’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than preparing the same invoice at the end of each month. Now you can set the frequency of your recurring invoices – be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly – and let the software do its thing. This feature is only available as part of the Invoice2go Unlimited pricing plan.


    There is a genuine simplicity to the Invoice2go software that means businesses and individuals can spend less time on paperwork and admin and more time doing what you love – running your business. Although Invoice2go goes big on its invoicing functionality, it also offers several other handy tools to keep track of your accounts, including expense tracking, with the option of photographing receipts and uploading it to your Invoice2go account, ready for exporting at tax return time. It’s also designed to eliminate the headache of cash payments, with invoices sent by Invoice2go accepting debit and credit card transactions directly through the invoice.

    Great reporting

    Although Invoice2go is by no means a comprehensive accounting solution for freelancers and SMBs, it does offer a reasonable financial reporting function. In fact, you can generate up to 13 different types of reports on your finances, with the most popular being sales and expenses reports, although profit and loss statements can be built at the touch of a button too.

    Time tracking

    If you run a project-based business and you want to ensure that you bill a fair price for the hours invested into a specific task, Invoice2go’s recently added time tracking functionality will meet your approval. Within the Invoice2go mobile app, it’s possible to record time spent on a particular project straight from the field or job site, before easily adding the time accrued to your latest invoice.

    Invoice-to-pay function

    The invoice-to-payment function in Invoice2go is very seamless. With each invoice you send through the platform, you can incorporate a “Pay Now” button at the end of the invoice, allowing customers to pay for your services directly within the Invoice2go software by credit or debit card. Payments typically take no more than two business days to hit your company account and transaction fees start at 2.9% + $0.30, depending on which Invoice2go plan you choose.

    Invoice2go features

    • Professional-looking invoice templates
    • Customizable invoices
    • Customizable branding to fit with your business
    • Expense tracking
    • Upload and export expense receipts
    • Invoice tracking
    • Impressive performance reporting
    • Automated payment reminders
    • Recurring invoices
    • Project time tracking
    • Multi-currency support
    • Build customer databases
    • Synchronized mobile apps
    • Secure client dashboard
    • Intuitive charts
    • Debit and credit card payments supported
    • Automatic syncing
    • Create daily to-do lists
    • Convert estimates into invoices
    • Get paid with Mobile Point of Sale

    Invoice2go pricing

    If you like the sound of the functionality available in this Invoice2go review so far, you’ll probably want to know the Invoice2go cost incurred to your business:

    Invoice2go pricing plans

    • Standard - $9.99 per month (billed annually) – Access for one user, store up to 25 clients, send 200 invoices and create 200 estimates.
    • Advanced - $19.99 per month (billed annually) – Access for two users, store up to 100 clients, send 400 invoices and create 400 estimates.
    • Unlimited - $24.99 per month (billed annually) – Access for five users, store an unlimited number of clients and send an unlimited number of invoices and estimates.

    With all three Invoice2go pricing plans, users can connect their invoicing to Xero’s full-service accounting software, with Invoice2go and Xero covering all bases of financial reporting for your small business.

    Technical details

    Payment Model

    • Monthly subscription (billed annually)

    Target Customers

    • Freelancers
    • SMBs

    Product Deployment

    • Exclusively cloud-based

    Supported Languages

    • English
    • Dutch

    Supported Devices


    Customer service

    Although it’s not necessarily easy to find Invoice2go’s customer support department, it does offer a variety of ways for users to get in touch. All Standard, Advanced and Unlimited customers can access Invoice2go contact details via telephone, as well as email. Users can also submit support tickets online and there is a live chat functionality that pops up on the Invoice2go website at random times.

    Those that prefer researching and finding out their own solution to issues with the Invoice2go software can head to the platform’s Support Center for a great range of how-to articles and video guides that troubleshoot most common problems.

    Bottom line

    On the whole, Invoice2go is a billing platform that has developed a very loyal and sizeable customer base. The software is well-received on Android and iOS mobile devices, with solid ratings in Google Play and the App Store. Arguably its biggest benefit is its simplicity and intuitive nature. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never needed to know about accounting or invoicing before, with Invoice2go you can create accurate estimates and invoices like a boss and get paid quicker than you would without such software.

    If you want to slash the amount of time spent on financial admin this Invoice2go review recommends it as a hugely beneficial solution for your operations.