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    Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers

    Freelancers send a lot of invoices, and since time is money they often find themselves putting off important tasks just to ensure that they get paid.

    Invoicing software is a great way to keep your clients updated on outstanding amounts while saving valuable time. Here’s how it works.

    Why do you need an invoicing software for freelancers?

    Freelancing is often a rewarding opportunity, but there’s no denying the fact that it requires a lot of multitasking.

    From marketing your services to touching base with clients - not to mention producing the goods and delivering services - you probably have enough on your plate without having to think about invoices.

    The truth is, you need to explore online invoicing software to allow the invoices to mostly take care of themselves. That way, you can focus on what’s important.

    If you’re new to freelancing, you may be wondering: what is a pro forma invoice and what  invoicing app can I use to create them? Do I even need software to do that?

    First off, lets cover what does pro forma invoice mean? Pro forma invoices are like project quotes and invoices rolled into one. They are a great way to save time because you don’t need to invoice your client again when they give you the go-ahead on a project.

    Using invoicing software for small business purposes is a great solution for freelancers. It will help automate your invoicing process to a great extent while freeing up time to focus on serving clients.

    Desktop or Cloud Based?

    When it comes to invoicing software, you’ll need to decide between a desktop app that stores the invoices on your device or a cloud-based solution.

    Cloud-based free invoicing software is an excellent solution that allows you to invoice on the go, and helps keep all your invoices stored in one place.

    You can also set payment reminders for clients who haven’t settled their invoices yet and use your invoicing software to generate revenue figures for your business.

    It may also be possible to integrate your cloud based invoicing solution with your accounting software for easy financial statement generation.

    Psychic Site
    • One-click payment setup
    • View of outstanding revenue
    • View of business spending
    • Multi-currency & multi-language
    • Customize invoice templates
    • Customize invoice templates
    • RESTful API access
    • Item & Library builder
    • Time tracking
    • Invoice status tracking
    • Client activity
    • Expense tracking

    Top 4 Billing software for Freelancers

    There’s a huge variety of billing software out there, with different options suited to different types of businesses.

    As a freelancer, we recommend that you consider exploring one of the following services:


    One of the most popular major cloud invoicing services, Freshbooks is user friendly and supports a variety of functions. You can send and track invoices, manage business expenses and even accept credit card payments through the site.

    • Cost: From $15.00 per month


    Xero is an email-based invoicing system that allows you to send and track invoices to your clients along with accepting credit card payments. Invoices need to be sent manually from the Xero platform, and recipients can either view them online or via email.

    • Cost: Free for the first 6 months, $5.00 per user per month thereafter

    Invoice Ninja:

    Invoice Ninja produces professional invoices and allows tracking and payment by credit card as well. Multiple currency payments, automatic totals calculation and an easy to use interface are some other benefits of using this platform.

    • Cost: $10.00 a month


    Invoice2Go is cost-effective and ideal for freelancers who are starting out in business. The starter package allows you to send 50 invoices to up to 5 clients per year. A full range of invoicing options is available on Invoice2Go, along with credit card payment functionality.

    • Cost: $19.00 per year (starter package)