Privacy Policy

Here at Best Invoicing Software we strive to maintain our users’ online privacy, and it is that aim which has informed this policy, known hereafter as the ‘Privacy Policy’, which sets out how we deliver our privacy practices at and all affiliated websites. 

By reading our Privacy Policy, you are able to decide how you want to interact with our website(s), how your information is stored and/or shared and your rights regarding this. 

How Best Invoicing Software Collects User Data

There are two ways we collect your data: information you provide to us, and information we collect automatically when you visit

Data You Provide to Us

At Best Invoicing Software we may collect your personal data when you assent to providing us with it.

For example, you may provide your full name, contact information such as a phone number or email address, or your date of birth, and there may be other data collected when you fill in a survey or sign up for a newsletter on our website.

When you sign up to the forum on our website(s) you may also provide us with contact information and personal data. Remember, this data may also be accessible to others in the public domain, so please be careful when posting any information that might be considered ‘sensitive’.

Data We Collect Automatically

When you visit and our affiliate websites, certain data may be collected by us and third-party partners using basic tools, such as cookies, web beacons and other tracking technology.

This data includes, but is not limited to, your device’s IP address, the operating system used and your browser settings, information about your chosen computer or mobile device and ‘clickstream’ data, which tells us how you navigate your way around our website(s). 

By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you are confirming that we can use this information to improve our understanding of our audience and our services. 

Cookies are small data files that websites use to store information about you, and at we may use cookies that will be saved on your local storage. If you want to learn more about cookies, their uses and how they are stored, visit  

It is possible to set your own limits – or disable completely – which cookies are stored on your device, although be warned that many websites, including Best Invoicing Software, use cookies to improve our services. 

You can request a copy of our Cookies Disclosure by contacting us directly. 

Web beacons are tags that we use on our web pages and in email correspondence. This enables us to automatically collect and handle data, by connecting web pages and their cookies to a server.

These are used for a variety of reasons at, including but not limited to counting up how many visitors come to our website per month, how you came to our site and what you look at when you are visiting us. In articles, blog posts and emails, we use beacons to find out how many people have viewed the content.

Like many websites, we also use third-party web services such as Google Analytics. This also provides us with data and statistics regarding the visitors to our site. 

Do Not Track Signals are settings that you can use to prevent us from tracking your data. As part of our policy, is automatically set to respond to ‘do not track’ requests.

There are some tools on our website from third-party sources that can also collect data. Things like Facebook ‘like’ buttons, widgets and plugins we have implemented to improve your user experience can collate information based upon how you have interacted with them. 

In these cases, the information collected falls under the remit of those third-party companies’ own privacy policies. 

How We Might Use the Data

Here at Best Invoicing Software there are a number of different scenarios in which we might use the data that we have collected.

Often these are really simple, for instance if you email us asking a question about our products and services, then we have to store your email address in order to send a reply. 

There are many similar examples to this which explain why we collect your data and how we may use it, with some others listed below:

  • To provide the services that you have requested from us (e.g. sending out an email newsletter to the address you have subscribed with)
  • To respond to your questions and queries, and to offer some forms of customer support
  • To contact you with details regarding new products and services from us which we believe you will find of interest
  • To notify you about the winners of any competitions or promotions that you may have entered with us
  • To offer advertising and promotional content relating to offers from us or our third-party partners which may interest you based on your online activity

In addition, we may collect your data in order to help us improve our operations and services, in particular pertaining to our website and digital communications. We are also able to evaluate the effectiveness of our direct marketing in this way, which helps us to ensure we are targeting you with only relevant offers and information. 

We also use our cookies and other tracking information to perform market research and trend analysis.

Another way in which we use the data we have gathered is to defend against fraud and similar crimes, while also identifying areas of improvement for our anti-fraud measures and preventing any similar liabilities.

In addition, we also have to collect some data forms to satisfy our internal company policies and simply to comply with our legal requirements, which can include requests from law enforcement agencies for information. 

How We Might Share Your Data

For full disclosure, any vendors, consultants and other third parties that we partner with may be given authorization to access the data we collect through our website in order to improve their own services.

All of the parties we work alongside must sign a confidentiality agreement, and are subsequently restricted from using personal data collected through our site for any other reason than those expressly given permission for.  

There are other businesses and service partners who we may share your information with, which could include but is not limited to:

  • Law enforcement agencies and in court proceedings, where the information is requested as part of legal proceedings or in questioning.
  • Governmental bodies, in line with national security regulations.
  • Third parties such as social media platforms, data management providers and technology companies. Occasionally, we may match your email address with a third party, which enables us to send more targeted content to you.
  • Advertisers, specifically those who request analytics and statistical data, to inform them of our customer base.
  • Administrators, in the case that the business become insolvent.

Should the business be sold or transfer some or all of its assets, we will notify all of our clients to ensure that instances where your data is being used beyond the parameters outlined in the Privacy Policy will be recorded.

This will come in the form of an email or notice on our website, and you can opt not to give your discretion for the data to be used in this case.