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    3 Top Reasons Your Logo Should Appear On Your Invoices

    The Power Of A Logo 

    A logo is a design typically consisting of symbols, letters or both, to represent an organization, company or brand. It is vital for brand exposure, recognition, and creating customer loyalty. 

    Did you know adding a company logo to a billing document, you are three times as likely to get paid? 

    There are several reasons for this fascinating fact:

    • An invoice with a logo stands out and is harder to miss
    • Your logo makes your document instantly recognizable 
    • An invoice with a logo on it creates a serious image for your business

    Here are some of the best practices for creating a great logo.

    • Colors - There is a notable 80% increase of brand recognition levels with colorized logos. make sure you choose the colors of your logo carefully, and match the invoice design to it.
    • Uniqueness - Hidden meanings and symbols within a logo can add to your brand’s story. For example, the creative way that the arrow in between A and Z on Amazon’s logo looks like a smile represents their brand values such as trust and amiability. FedEx also uses this method by using the negative space in their text-logo by superimposing an arrow to specify precision, acceleration, and forward pace.
    • Consistency - A logo must represent the overall message of your brand in order to truly tell a story and deliver a cohesive image. 
    • K.I.S.S - “Keep It Simple Stupid” is a good motto to keep in mind when designing logos. Logos that are simple and easy to remember tend to do better than overly intricate logos.

    By using an attractive, relevant, and meaningful logo that remains with your customers long after they see it, you are essentially cementing your relationship with your customers. 

    Find out the three vital reasons your carefully crafted logo must be added to all your invoices.

    Build A Relationship

    Brand recognition sets the stage for brand loyalty. Simply put, you need your potential customers to recognize your brand in order to trust it. For example, if you deliver an invoice without any logo to a client who receives multiple invoices per day, there is a high chance they will fail to recognize you at some point. This is especially true when you are billing international clients. 

    Be a Marketing Tool 

    The human brain is able to process images 60,000 times faster than words, hence a logo is sometimes more important even than the name of your business. By adding a logo to your invoice, customers will be able to identify and distinguish your product easily from the competitors. 

    By using the same professional logo across different materials from service quotes to invoices, you make it easy for the customer to recognize your brand and relate to it. 

    Keep in mind that consumers need at least five to seven impressions to recognize a business by its logo, and even more to trust it. By incorporating the logo into all your documents, you create higher chances of making repeat impressions which is the key to marketing. 

    Stand Out 

    Did you know that BBC’s logo cost $1,800,000 to design while Google’s cost $0? Getting noticed is not about going for a pricey logo. You can adopt winning strategies like going for mono or two-tone colors, as over 85% of the top brands use this strategy. 

    When you add brand colors to the brand logo in the invoice, it will help customers recognize and associate with your brand values. Over 80% of people strongly agree that color helps to recognize brands easily. For example, you can adopt the color blue as 33% of the top 100 brands use blue in their logo.

    To catch the attention of your customers with a logo, you need to be original and uncomplicated at the same time, with an idea that resonates with your target audience. 


    The power of logos on invoices is indisputable. They can be used as a marketing tool to gain exposure, to create a brand image that sticks with your customers, or make an excellent first impression as a new business. 

    If a small company takes the time to create a meaningful logo, and present their invoices professionally, it can speak volumes to their customers about how they do business.

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