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If you’ve been an independent contractor or freelancer for any length of time, you know that it can be a struggle to find good financial management and invoicing software. This article will investigate whether And.Co might be the right software for you.

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    What Is And.Co?

    And.Co is a business management platform with various tools. It helps freelancers keep track of everything from expense reporting to invoicing and time tracking.

    Pros of And.Co

    Every business management software has its advantages. What are they in the case of And.Co? Here’s a look at seven key areas about this platform.

    Dynamic Solution for SMBs ( Small & Midsize Businesses)

    If there is one area in which And.Co has a strength, it’s this one.

    This platform focuses specifically on freelancers and small operations, everything from the centralized dashboards to the all-in-one reporting is geared toward helping small traders succeed.

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    Most financial management software and invoicing software has an application for Android. And.Co has released an application for Android, as well as an application for iOS.

    If you have a Windows or Mac device, they have an application for that too. 

    If you prefer not to use a standalone application, you can use your standard web browser on any device to access all the same functionality.

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    The And.Co platform offers automatic invoicing to help improve your workflow. You can go directly from the proposal to the invoice by using this function.

    You can also have billable hours for any time frame automatically invoiced using the integrated time tracking feature.

    You can also use this service’s dashboard to create automatic recurring payments, whether it be the payments themselves, or the invoices for them.


    The simplicity of this software lends itself to every employee - from professionals to beginners with no background in bookkeeping.

    Great Reporting

    This platform offers detailed reporting on all aspects of business financial management. Not only does it create reports on billable time, but on invoices as well.

    The integrated approach means that you get all-in-one reporting.

    Time Tracking

    The And.Co platform keeps a detailed track of every employee’s time. From billable to non-billable hours and timesheet generation.

    Invoice to Pay Function

    This management software allows you to bring all your needs together. You can efficiently convert proposals to invoices and then into payment requests.

    And.Co Features

    And.Co offers several features for every business. This is a list of some of the features on offer:

    • Time tracking capabilities
    • Payment management
    • Recurring payments
    • Task management
    • Centralized dashboard
    • Contract management
    • Proposal management
    • Expense tracking
    • Accept payments via invoice
    • Payment reminders
    • Portable invoicing
    • Milestone invoicing
    • Personalize branding
    • Integrated time tracking
    • E-signing on contracts
    • Auto-generate invoices
    • Proposal-invoice integration
    • Time-invoice integration
    • Desktop app
    • Multiple currencies

    And.Co Pricing

    At the time of the writing of this article, And.Co offered two separate pricing plans. They are as follows:

    And.Co Pricing Plans

    • Free: $0 per month - Offers a single client, and And.Co branding 
    • Pro: $18 per month - Offers unlimited clients and no branding

    The platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Pro version. It is also possible to arrange a live demo if you’re on this plan.

    Technical Details

    And.Co has a variety of features. Here are some of the technical details:

    Available Platforms

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac


    • Cloud-based

    Language Support

    • English
    • Other (for invoices only)

    Billing Options

    • Annual
    • Monthly

    Customer Types

    • Freelancers
    • Small and Medium Businesses
    • Large Businesses

    Customer Service

    Customer service is one of the most important aspects of every business or service, and And.Co takes it seriously.

    Not only does And.Co offers a comprehensive frequently asked questions list, but they have a live chat and email option as well.

    Bottom Line

    And.Co is not the most established business management software out there. However, it has enough features for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

    It truly is geared towards small operations, though, so if you’re a larger firm looking for something more comprehensive, consider something like Invoice Ninja or Freshbooks.

    More established services often offer better integration.