Perfect Invoice Review

All businesses want invoicing software that simplifies their workflow. This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Perfect Invoice.

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    What Is Perfect Invoice?

    As far as cloud-based invoicing software goes, Perfect Invoice is streamlined and efficient. It also offers a centralized invoicing and payment system for all businesses.

    Pros of Perfect Invoice

    No invoicing software is perfect, but why should you try Perfect Invoice? Here are some of the advantages.

    Dynamic Solution for SMBs ( Small & Midsize Businesses)

    Perfect Invoice’s cloud-based system allows you to access your financial data from anywhere. You can receive payments, create professional invoices, and keep an eye on your monthly revenue from one centralized platform. The lack of stand-alone applications means that you can log in from any web browser. 

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    While not providing users with a standalone platform for smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS, that’s not to say it’s not available for mobile. Perfect Invoice offers a cloud-based, mobile-optimized website that can function on most devices.

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    It’s disappointing to note that Perfect Invoice does not offer the option to set up a recurring invoice. You will need to set up a new invoice every time payment is due.


    Perfect Invoice offers simple-to-use invoicing, ideal for small companies, or those without a background in bookkeeping. The ability to access your data from any web browser is useful.

    Great Reporting

    Perfect Invoice allows you to keep track of all your tax, invoice, revenue, and expense reporting in one place. It consistently creates automated reports which you can access from your dashboard.

    Time Tracking

    Unfortunately, Perfect Invoice does not offer time tracking capabilities. Their focus is purely on payment and invoicing services.

    Invoice to Pay Function

    Perfect Invoice offers the capacity to send invoices and receive online payments from one centralized dashboard. This centralized approach allows you to go from invoice to payment - potentially within minutes.

    Perfect Invoice Features 

    It can be tedious scrolling through a webpage to find all the various features. Here are some of the offerings from Perfect Invoice:

    • Centralized dashboard
    • Cloud-based storage
    • No Customer limit
    • No invoice limit
    • No item limit
    • Accept payments via the dashboard
    • Tracks monthly revenue
    • Sales Tax Summary reports
    • Invoice Summary Reports
    • Outstanding invoice tracker
    • Tracks total customers
    • Multiple currencies available
    • Automatic data backup
    • Third-party encryption service
    • Row-level security
    • Accepts online payment
    • Centralized invoicing and payment 
    • Live chat support
    • ‘Recent Activity’ Display
    • ‘Top Customers’ Display

    Perfect Invoice Pricing

    Perfect Invoice only offers two standard membership options, monthly and annual. Their membership rates are as follows.

    Perfect Invoice Pricing Plans

    • Monthly Membership - $9 per month ($108 per year)
    • Annual Membership - discounted to $99 per year

    New members are also eligible for a 14-day free trial. 

    Technical Details

    Here are some of the technical details for Perfect Invoice.

    Available Platforms
    • Web browser
    • Mobile browser


    • Cloud-based

    Language Support

    • English

    Billing Options

    • Monthly
    • Annual 

    Target Customers

    • Freelancers
    • SMBs
    • Large Companies

    Customer Service

    Every company is only as good as the level of service that it provides. Inevitably, you will run into a problem or have a question that needs answering.

    Perfect Invoice does not have a phone line. However, it does have three options for contacting the customer support team. 

    You can choose from using the live chat function during business hours, or send an e-mail to If preferred, you can use the online contact form, and the customer service team will get back to you.

    Bottom Line

    Perfect Invoice is a cloud-based, entirely online invoicing software platform. Its usefulness lies in its invoicing, reporting, and payment processing. Its limitations are that you cannot set up automatic payments, nor does it provide time tracking.

    The program is web-based only. Those preferring a smartphone app product, or the full features that many competitors platforms provide, would be better suited to Freshbooks or Quickbooks.