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Scoro is a software-as-a-service solution for professional and creative business purposes. It is an all-in-one business management software.

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    What is Scoro?

    This all-in-one business management software lets you track your finances, projects, manage your clientele base, and more. 

    Pros of Scoro

    Scoro time management tools allow you to know exactly how everyone's time is utilized. Below are a few more advantages that you may consider.

    Dynamic Solutions for SMBs

    The platform is designed to streamline and help plan your time, projects, and manage your clientele, as well as send invoices and track your business results.

    It offers over 1000 tools that integrate all your applications. 

    Responsive Mobile Platform

    Scoro offers you a mobile application that may be downloaded from Google Play and the app store on iOS and Android devices. The invoice mobile app enables you to access your site anytime.

    Time Saving Auto-Invoicing and Recurring Payments

    The platform for financial management allows you to automate late invoice reminders. You can also automate the scheduled and recurring invoices.

    It’s not challenging to set it up to notify customers on approaching payments and due dates. 


    The software makes it possible to automate your entire workflow, saving you and your team hours of manual labor. It provides you with a real-time dashboard with enterprise-level reporting. 

    Great Reporting

    Scoro gives you different types of business and financial reports in real-time.

    For instance, for general work, you'll receive reports on sent items, an overview of contacts, and web forms. Reports on sales, workflow, and finance are provided. 

    Time Tracking

    Since Scoro integrates a range of programs into the software, real-time tracking is a distinct advantage to this platform.

    On your dashboard, it provides you with this feature to track your entire workflow in real-time.

    Invoice To Pay Function

    This software integrates online payment services such as with PayPal and Stripe. It also has a multi-currency function so you can receive payments from clients from all over the world.

    Scoro Features

    • Manage everything on a project.
    • See your team's workflow in real-time.
    • Allocate non-billable and billable work.
    • Compare created budgets to actual results.
    • Configurable statuses and tags.
    • Overview of workloads, deadlines, overbookings, and available slots.
    • Shared team calendar.
    • Individual management of task lists.
    • Track actual and billable time spent and transfer the hours to an invoice.
    • Completed tasks and calendar events are automatically added to individuals' work reports.
    • Custom price lists and margins with multi-currency.
    • Automatic payment reminders and recurring invoices.
    • Send sales, prepayment, and credit invoices as a PDF.
    • Get a complete overview of your contacts.
    • You can filter and sort contacts.
    • Visual overview of your sales funnel.
    • Turn quotes into purchase orders.
    • Turn services on a quote into tasks.
    • Detailed reports.
    • Add custom fields to almost every feature.
    • You can set permissions to limit access.

    Scoro Pricing

    Scoro provides customers with a free demo and a 14 day trial with no credit card required. 

    Scoro Pricing Plans

    Fees start at $26 per user per month. The other pricing plans are as follows:


    Work Hub - From $37 per user per month (Pro - $49)

    Sales Hub - From $37 per user per month (Pro - $49)

    Ultimate - You'll have to contact them for pricing

    Technical Details

    Pricing Model

    • You have four different options to choose from.

    Target Customers

    • Larger enterprises

    Product Deployment

    • Cloud-based

    Languages Supported

    • Support is available in multiple languages; however, you have to sign up to see what they are

    Devices Supported

    • Desktops and responsive mobiles on all major web browsers
    • iOS
    • Android

    Customer Service

    Scoro has a Help Center site that consists of video tutorials, a knowledge base, and basics on getting started. You may email them and request a call back on the number provided on the site.

    Bottom Line

    This platform is best suited for large businesses that need an array of tools to manage sufficiently. The range of features may be confusing and unnecessary if you're a small or midsize business.

    Freshbooks and Quickbooks are best for smaller to midsize companies. Each has simple tools and features, enabling time-saving and efficient management processes.

    This may be a better option for you if the reviewed brand is not suitable.