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    Helpful Zero Integrations That Can Expand Your Productivity

    Helpful Zero Integrations That Can Expand Your Productivity

    Business scalability comes with the mentally drowning logistics of large-scale invoicing. If Xero happens to be your invoicing management partner, integrating it with a customer management app might be the next best thing for your business after the adoption of e-invoicing. Here’s a list of some of the most popular invoice integrations that seamlessly offer greater productivity and reach.


    If Shopify happens to be one of the platforms your business uses to reach out to customers, integrate it with Xero to quickly import the incoming orders. It’ll transport these feeds automatically while eliminating the risks of manual errors at the time of entry. 

    It can also enable you to export orders as invoices so that with a single click you can convert it into payment requests. If needed, you can employ the software’s customization option to sort invoices according to customers and the date of a product’s purchase. 


    Xero’s integration with eBay will set you up for a smooth and hassle-free invoice management and order processing. It offers an automated alternative for a number of manual tasks associated with selling items on eBay. These include invoicing your clients, feedback follow-up, and more. 

    By integrating your online invoicing account with eBay, you’ll have the ability to automatically send client invoices through multiple eBay stores. With your invoices and inventories located in one place, you can wave goodbye to needless headaches over time-consuming and arduous manual labor.


    Integrating your Xero account with MailChimp will give you the advantage of using the platform’s contacts to quickly set up a subscriber’s list. For contact and mailing lists that are currently separate, merging with MailChimp will offer the considerable advantage of easier management. 

    You can also increase your business’s scalability by disclosing some of your tangential services to uninformed potential customers. Xero does this by adding the accounting contacts to your lists on MailChimp.


    Magento offers a quick alternative to your handwritten orders with its e-commerce integration system. The integration will make the process of importing your orders and payment requests considerably faster. 

    Invoices for clients are automatically created by Xero as soon as your order is received via Magento. The automation makes for seamless invoice management and an easy-to-read payment log. Like Shoplift, it offers flexibility in sorting invoices and orders by country or by the type of payment.


    Integrate the invoicing software with your Amazon account and you’re in for a streak of real-time cash-flow updates in no more than 15 minutes. No longer will you have to grind your head against Amazon’s confusing accounting software. 

    If needed, you may use Xero’s A2X app to transfer the invoices from Amazon to its software. This makes viewing and sorting invoices and payments a lot easier. The accounting software’s automatic inventory integration feature prevents clients from ordering items that are out-of-stocks, thereby eliminating any possible mishap.


    Salesforce, upon integration with Xero, offers a powerful cloud-based customer management service. The app can store all of your business-related backlogs such as payment requests, invoices, receipts, transfers, etc. You can update the account files and conveniently view your cash-flow with Salesforce’s automated backlog management.


    PayPal is readily known as one of the best online payment services available to businesses. PayPal and Xero are a match made in heaven. Merging your account with PayPal will give your customers the ease of choosing to pay via credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal accounts. This comes as the added benefit to automatic invoicing.


    Online accounting can smoothly fuse with Stripe to help you with quick money transfers. Combining with Stripe could be a smart way to process your invoices almost instantly. Moreover, the app allows you to automate your invoices. This makes scheduling the payments a piece of cake.


    If you already happen to use Excel for business accounting, unifying with Xero will easily transfer these files to the invoicing software’s platform. You can also clear space on your PC by transferring payment backlogs and receipts to the cloud. The integration will also enable you to seamlessly transfer any future files between the two platforms.


    With a repository of possible integrations that offer scalability, businesses have little to worry about in terms of reach. The fusing of online accounting with a sales platform can result in an ease of management and better customer rapport.