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    8 Online Payment Services for Successful Small Businesses

    If you’re a small business owner, you need a reliable online payment processing service. No matter what you sell, it has to be easy for your customers to pay you. As such, here are eight of the best online payment services for small businesses.

    1. PayPal

    An industry stalwart, PayPal has worked with over 17 million business customers. Many see it as the best payment system for small business due to its ease of operation, widespread popularity and slick invoice generation function.

    With PayPal’s business payment service, you can accept credit card payments both online and over the phone. And by downloading the PayPal app and purchasing a card reader, you can also accept payments in person. This is a superb small business payment processing system that is simplicity itself to use. 

    2. Apple Pay

    If you’re wondering how to make payments for small business, look no further than Apple Pay. Plenty of customers use their phones to make payments (and their Apple Watches), so why not use your iPhone or iPad to receive them? With touch ID confirmation, this is a secure as well as a fast way to receive payments. It’s also easy to set up, meaning that you can quickly and painlessly turn your Apple device into the Point of Sale (POS) system that your business needs.

    3. Amazon Payments

    Amazon is already the king of online retail, so why wouldn’t it be one of the best online payment options for small business owners too? If you’re looking for an efficient online payment services provider that will easily slot into an existing website, Amazon Payments is your go-to option. It delivers a secure checkout experience from a brand that’s recognized around the world.

    Amazon Payments also enables customers to use their stored Amazon account payment information in order to check out faster. Barclaycard reports that basket abandonment costs retailers £18 billion per year, so the faster and easier it is for your customers to check out, the better! 

    4. Google Pay

    If you’re looking for payment apps for small businesses that prioritize your customers’ security, then look no further. Google Pay has one of the best payment security infrastructures on the planet, as you might expect from such a tech behemoth. This means that you can rest assured that your customers can pay you safely.

    This flexible online payment services option lets your customers pay through their smartphones, their browsers and even their Gmail accounts.

    5. BitPay

    Have you come across BitPay yet in your search for online payment methods for small business operations? If not, it’s time to take a look at it. If you are a fan of cryptocurrency payments, you can quickly and easily implement BitPay in order to sell your products and services in exchange for Bitcoin.

    This is a great option for those seeking a payment solution that delivers global reach whilst differentiating itself from the usual roundup of invoice apps. With BitPay, you can accept crypto payments through your website, by email and in person.

    6. Intuit QuickBooks Payments

    No two online payment services are equal, so each small business needs to pick the solution that best suits its particular operations. In the case of Intuit QuickBooks Payments, from a company already known as one of the best invoicing software options, streamlined invoicing that links directly to payments is the key selling point.

    Not only can you accept online credit card and debit card payments, but your customers can view their payments and invoices through a personalized and secure web portal, which is a nice touch. 

    7. WePay

    Why are online payment services necessary? So that your customers can pay you quickly and easily, thus allowing your business to make more money! WePay does precisely that. This comprehensive small business payment solution includes everything from checkout forms and confirmation emails to credit card statements.

    It’s been designed to integrate seamlessly with your website, making it one of the slickest and least obtrusive online payment services on the market. If you’re moving from paper invoicing to online invoicing and want all the bells and whistles, WePay should do the trick. 


    If you have an existing merchant account and small business billing software solution, but need to enhance it with the ability to accept credit card payments (both one-off and recurring payments) then look no further. delivers mobile payments and eCommerce solutions that fit neatly into your website, as well as virtual POS services that are ideal for physical retail premises.

    By offering your customers the option to pay by credit card, including contactless payments, and by e-check, you're doing all you can to ensure that they are able to spend money easily and conveniently on your goods or services. And isn't that the aim of every small business?