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    How To Make The Most Out of a Free Invoicing Software Trial

    Electronic billing helps businesses do more with resources like time, money and human capital. Deciding to invest in an invoicing software solution is a big decision. You are ultimately sharing confidential details related to your business. 

    Accordingly, this requires a test-drive to see if the software can meet your unique demands. That’s why trying out a shortlisted invoice software’s free trial for a limited time can be the best option available.

    Managing a software trial is a complex process for assessing the functions of the software. Below are our five strategies to ensure you can maximize an invoicing trial to cut costs in the long-run and effectively manage accounts for audits.  

    Schedule Time Daily or Weekly To Test the Invoicing Software

    The best way to know if a software solution is applicable for your company is to simply put it to test. Start by adding your ‘invoicing-software-experiment’ to the calendar online and offline. Set aside time to learn and practice using the software. It is easy to let a free trial run its course because you are busy with deadlines. However, allocating a few hours every day or week can eventually help you save immensely.

    While many find ease in supervising from afar, the real value lies in trying the software outright. You can do this yourself or ask your accounting professionals to add it to their own schedules. Moreover, you will master many more management skills given the software is user-friendly.

    You need to factor in time for key stakeholders to try out the software too. It is best to include important decision makers in the evaluation process to ensure fair usage of the software during the trial period.  

    Create a List of Trial Goals

    Unique features like time management and expense management tools are available through many invoicing software solutions like those uncovered in our FreshBooks review. Switching on screen tracking functions while working or tracking expenses during billing activities lets you see the software at work.

    Most of the features contained within the invoicing software help to integrate or improve redundant processes. Your aim is to create goals to reach during the trial period. For example, take 2 hours every day for the next week to check the time tracking feature.

    Take your time to create a detailed list of actions, tests, pain points, and goals to reach before the trial period ends. Once you know the tasks ahead, it presents an easy guide for achieving milestones that are designed to enhance your business.

    Add Real Data

    If you’re thinking of assembling fake invoices during your free trial to test features, you are missing the point of a free trial. Experts absolutely recommend adding real data to the invoicing software solution during a trial period.

    We know how tempting it is to hold back real information. However, if you do so, how will you assess if the software is good enough to handle your actual accounts? Inputting genuine information gives you a preview too. You can customize the software with your palette choices to reflect the brand themes and more.

    The free trial experience will not give you room for improvement when you fake the data you add on it. Moreover, most invoicing software also comes with countless tutorial videos and guides designed to help you use e-invoicing and e-payments efficiently and effectively.

    Enhance Communication With Clients

    Apart from invoicing electronically, software solutions can help ensure faster payments via better communication, streamlining invoicing for freelancers especially. Additionally, by customizing your business information on the invoices, you can access extra brand exposure from recipients.

    Play around with logos or see the clients who pay you immediately for the next few days. We like invoicing software because it is better than merely sending the invoices. Software solutions also help to polish payment requests to make them look more professional and authoritative. Furthermore, it can deliver added transparency thanks to regularly updated account and payment information.

    Put Customer Service to Test

    Free trials are purposefully designed to help you get acquainted with the new processes associated with software solutions. If you don’t find answers for problems online, get in touch with the invoicing software’s customer service team. The support team helps customers like you every day. Moreover, a free trial is an opportunity to assess the customer service team too, helping you discover whether you can easily access assistance if you require it in the future.

    Even if you are a beginner, a good customer service team should be able to guide you to crack the basics of the software. Instead of allotting time towards figuring out small details, ask for help or support. You can get instant help via live chat or via phone or email with most invoicing software today.

    Some Final Thoughts

    A good electronic invoicing solution runs seamlessly during audits and routine inspections too. To ensure the invoicing software can tackle your unique business challenges, it's always smart to experiment with a free trial before making any long-term plans.

    Try the above-mentioned strategies with your invoicing software free trial to put it to good use today.