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    The Best Integrations For Your Invoicing Software

    Your invoicing software can be upgraded significantly through integration with third-party applications, bringing a new level of synchronization and optimization to your invoicing process as a whole. 

    Here are a few benefits: 

    • Seamless file sharing for teamwork 
    • Enhancement of positive cash flow with useful financial add-ons
    • Payment facilitation with secure payment gateways 

    While there are countless integrations that can boost your electronic billing process, the following article describes key features and uses of the top five most popular and useful add-ons. 


    Dropbox is a cloud storage service that simplifies your business processes for effective task management. While the initial free space of 2GB is sufficient for experimenting with Dropbox, small businesses and freelancers will find the paid plans with 2TB space on Dropbox to be ideal. Given Dropbox stores multiple versions of the same document, you can revert to any previous version if files are accidentally edited or deleted.  

    The best features for micro enterprises and freelancers:

    • Storage: You can save, rename, and delete billing documents with auto-arrange via this application on the cloud.
    • Automatic Syncing: Update your quotes, bills, and delivery notes automatically or manually-customized, at your discretion. 
    • Collaborate & Share: Companies can work with clients using joint access while tracking activity with automated alerts.  

    G Suite 

    Using Google’s G Suite opens up features such as cloud computing, collaboration tools, and single sign-in across all devices. It is recommended for startups, small businesses, and freelancers. You can sign up for a Basic plan at $6 per user per month. 

    G Suite offers several tools for generating instant insights into accounts receivables and facilitates remote work with the help of video and secure chat apps.  

    Here are the best benefits of integrating G Suite with your invoicing software: 

    • A Variety Of Tools: Users can work with G Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Form builders.  
    • Work From Any device: Business owners can access and use G Suite with their invoicing software via laptop, tablet, or phone.
    • Security & Data Loss Prevention: Admins will be delighted to find data loss prevention for Gmail and G Drive, in addition to ‘enterprise-grade control and access’ on all G Suite plans. 


    Stripe is a payment gateway, which when combined with an invoicing system, creates a safe and secure environment for clients to complete payments. It offers unique features such as handling failed transactions and contingency billing, besides multi-currency support for over 100 legal tenders. 

    This cloud-based payment application is sought after for its personalized dashboard that is user friendly, especially when paired with cloud invoicing software. Automated dispute handling and a free invoicing software trial are some other perks that Stripe delivers. 

    This is how freelancers, agencies and small enterprises can benefit from this payment gateway:

    • Tailored Billing Tools With Stripe: Users get the option to create and send recurring invoices, and ACH payments besides promotional and usage-based bills.
    • International Clients: Use this payment integration for facilitating international payments in addition to local receivables. 
    • Payment Recovery Tools: Eliminate payment declines by 45% so as to increase sales by 10% using Stripe’s smart retry logic. 
    • Advanced Security Tools: Business owners will be protected from fraudulent billing via Radar, 3D Secure and PCI compliance.


    With over 64% of small businesses directly affected by late payments, invoice financing applications such as Fundbox help enterprises maintain positive cash flow. It gives brands with a history of over 6 months access to up to $100,000 in credit for outstanding invoices. 

    The best thing about Fundbox is that it offers 100% of the invoice value. Regardless of your good, bad or lack of credit score, you can get financing.

    Find out how this integration can help freelancers and small agencies below. 

    • Snappy Credit Decision: Fundbox promises credit approvals as quickly as three minutes besides disbursing funds within one day. 
    • Complete Freedom & Control: Admins will enjoy the transparency of this financing service as it helps to keep a tab on the funds, terms, and agreements. 
    • No Hidden Charges Or Fees: Fundbox does not charge any penalties, and this fintech company even has a policy of waiving remnant fees in case of early payments.


    A one of a kind marketing platform that helps you manage customers, HubSpot is the best in the industry mainly because it is free. It is recommended for freelancers and small business owners. Admins will find the storage space of up to 1 million contacts incredibly helpful. 

    Have a look at the benefits of integrating HubSpot CRM easily with your invoicing software.  

    • Syncing & Contact Management: Create, update, and manage customers with complete records of transactions and interactions in one place.
    • Free Sales & Marketing Tools: Users will find forms, list segmentation, and conversational bots perfect for enhancing processes in addition to saving money and resources. 
    • Customer Service & Support: Admins can contact HubSpot via live chat, ticketing, or phone to seek help. 

    Summing Up 

    To maximize the efficiency of your invoicing software, it is best to assess the main features of popular integrations, and decide how it can complement your own business processes. 

    To sum up:

    • Dropbox: Best for collaboration and sharing 
    • G Suite: Complete project management solution  
    • Stripe: Most secure payment solution 
    • Fundbox: Best for invoice financing 
    • Hubspot: Best free CRM software 

    While there are many more plugins, add-ons, and integrations available, the list above should give any freelancer or small business owner across all industries a good start.