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    Accelerate Invoice Payments With Auto-Reminder Emails

    Raising invoices and sending them to your customers is not the end of the task. The work is done only when the customer approves the invoice and the sum is credited to your bank. You might have customers who are quick to pay up before you have to send them a reminder. However, you might have also faced customers who take their time to send payment and depend largely on you reminding them repeatedly.

    Without steady and on-time payment, it grows difficult to maintain healthy working capital and be at the top of the working cash flow. Plus, sending constant reminder emails to customers and clients who are late to pay can be a little frustrating. However, if you work the smart way, it is easier for you to catch up with automated reminders.

    An automated invoice payment reminder is an indispensable tool for both freelancers and businesses that are seeking to scale. It gives you the leeway to focus more on the actual business activity with regular cash inflow rather than chasing payments around the clock. With constant reminders that are automated, ensure customers will pay you faster without you having to feel like you’re routinely chasing them down.

    Everything You Need To Know About Payment Auto-Reminder Emails

    Payment reminder emails can avoid distractions tied to late-paying clients. It also makes reminding customers to clear the invoice seamless and automatic, which is especially important for recurring billing. If you feel that typing reminder emails and sending them over to the clients are taking a lot of your efforts and precious time, it’s time you consider automated reminders.

    The whole purpose is setting up an automated and predefined flow that saves energy and resources. Once you set up the tool, it sends reminder emails to clients on predefined dates that you determine. You don’t have to add anything to this process, even if the client only sends the payment after the third reminder.

    Being such an important tool for both individual freelancers and businesses alike, automated payment reminders are capable functions for streamlining the invoice collection process. To see what an auto-reminder solution might look like, check out our Invoice Ninja review to discover the possible areas for greater automation within your invoicing processes.

    Ideal Ways To Set Up Auto-Reminder Emails For Invoice Payments

    There are a few simple rules that can help you optimize the use of auto-reminder emails. Here are some tips for setting reminders to achieve the best possible results.

    Choose The Date For The Reminders

    One of the best approaches for selecting reminder dates is having it set up to deliver reminder emails a day before your actual intended date. If you wish to remind them to pay by the 6th of a month, the reminder should be dated for the 5th. This will give your client ample time to pay up post the reminder.

    Set The Number Of Reminders

    The number of reminders that you select using an auto-reminder tool should ideally be three. You can also choose to have just two reminders, but they should be spaced out along an equal number of days. If you choose to have three reminders after sending the invoice, sending emails on the 5th, 10th, and 15th day of the month might be the best idea.

    Write The Reminder Email

    Your clients and customers are precious. Accordingly, even if you are constantly reminding them to send payments, you have to ensure that you are not too firm or strict right from the first instance.

    The first reminder should always be a polite one. You have to consider that your client might have forgotten about your invoice due to work pressure. This gentle reminder will work as a push notification.

    However, the second reminder should be a little firm. If the client hasn’t paid up after the first reminder, they might have considered delaying the payment to an extent. Since you have already given the benefit of doubt after the first reminder, you have the leeway to make things a little strict this time around.

    If the customer has not paid even after the second reminder, the third one should be strict given they are increasingly likely to not pay. The email should be strict, instructing the client that if the payment is not made at the earliest convenience, you may seek legal measures to recover the sum.

    Automated Reminders Are Extremely Helpful

    Automated reminders give you the much-needed freedom to work on your business and not chase after late-paying clients. While you may have to escalate the situation if a client hasn’t paid after the final reminder, knowing that you will not be burdened with periodic reminders in the interim is valuable time saved.

    Although it goes without saying, payment auto-reminder emails can be your best bet when it comes to automating your invoice clearance process. Apart from delivering better payment results over time, it can also improve cash flow and workflow simultaneously, helping optimize valuable resources for your pressing business needs.