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    4 Best Invoice Apps

    Business owners have so many responsibilities to juggle that it can be difficult to find time to sit down at a laptop and tackle important admin. Fortunately, invoice apps mean you can avoid the pain of late payments by easily creating the all-important documents on the move.

    What is an invoice app?

    We have become accustomed to doing all kinds of different activities on our smartphones and tablets, from gaming to sending emails or updating our diaries. An invoice app – also known as a billing app – is yet another neat innovation, as it allows you to quickly and easily produce professional-standard invoices on a handheld device.

    An invoice application gets rid of the need to sit down at a laptop and type the documents up, while it also means you can produce them regardless of where you are in the world. 

    Top 4 easy invoice apps

    An invoice app is an essential tool for any business owner and there are a host of different platforms available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Here, we have pulled together key details on four of the best invoice app services out there today, so sit back and discover which could be right for you.

    FreshBooks App

    FreshBooks offers a range of handy business services across its different pricing plans and many of the features can be easily accessed via its impressive mobile app.

    The invoice maker app allows you to produce high-quality invoices easily on a smartphone or tablet, while you will also benefit from notifications related to when clients have viewed an invoice and – most importantly – when it has been paid.

    The invoice generator element is supported by a host of other features, including one which allows you to take pictures of receipts and record expenses quickly.

    QuickBooks App

    QuickBooks is another well-regarded accounting software provider and its Small Business App allows users to manage their finances regardless of their location.

    The invoice generator app allows you to track any invoices sent, while users can benefit from other features designed to take the stress out of running a business. These include the ability to track sales, connect bank accounts, and contact customers on the go.

    The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free, while those who are new to QuickBooks online can create an account and try it for free for 30 days with no obligation to purchase.

    Invoice2go App

    Invoice2go is another great example of billing software for small business, with the service offering a range of features across several payment plans.

    Each plan is ably supported by the brand’s invoice app, which allows users to easily create and send an invoice in under three minutes. It also offers other benefits including the opportunity to schedule appointments, track time and run reports on issues including estimates.

    Concerned by late payments? The app also includes the option to send automatic reminders to clients too.

    Zoho App

    Zoho offers an entire suite of different apps to support business tasks and one of its most essential is undoubtedly its Invoice & Time Tracking platform.

    The online invoice app gives you the chance to create invoices very quickly, while you can also track the time you are devoting to projects and generate further requests for payment on that basis.

    Automated reminders are also included, as well as expense management features and the chance to generate real-time reports on a range of different business performance issues.

    Other invoice apps

    While we think the apps above are among the best invoicing software platforms available today, there are plenty of others you can explore as you look to find the one that suits your needs.

    Other popular names to look out for include Billdu, Square and other services offered by major names such as Microsoft and PayPal.

    Bottom line

    Running a business can be incredibly rewarding but it is not always easy, which is why you need the right tools at your disposal. An invoice app can be hugely beneficial, so check out the names featured above to see how they could help you today.