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    Cloud Invoicing Software 101: How It Can Simplify Your Small Business

    When it comes to running a successful small or medium business, most entrepreneurs are eternally on the hunt for tools to make their life easier. From reliable contacts to outsource to, through to reputable couriers who can take care of deliveries, it helps to have people and processes in place to streamline and simplify the way your business works. 

    Cloud-based invoicing software is designed with this in mind. Allowing you to make an entire range of tasks easier and more efficient, it can not only reduce the amount of time spent on admin, but enables you to keep your data safe and secure too, along with a whole host of additional benefits. 

    Let’s take a look at a few of them below. 

    You can invoice on the go

    When it comes to finding the best invoicing software, you may discover that you’re spoilt for choice, but one thing all of your options will have in common is the ability to invoice on the go. For solopreneurs and freelancers, this is ideal, as it means you’re not bound by the shackles of an office and can take care of any admin tasks at a time and place that is convenient to you. Plus, you won’t have to carry any bulky files or folders around with you all day, as all the data you require to create your invoices is already on your smartphone or laptop.       

    It cuts down on the time you need for admin tasks 

    Have a spare five minutes while you’re sat in a coffee shop? Then we have another big boon for you. Cloud based invoicing software means you can whip up an invoice in seconds, send it, and proceed on with your day without having to set aside any extra time to do so. Not only this, but all of the details of your regularly used services can be stored in a gigantic cloud library, with an easy-to-use tagging system coming as standard.

    This feature is especially useful when moving from paper invoice to e-invoicing, and means that many processes are essentially automated and will be added to your invoices even without your input. The benefits of this are obvious: more hours in the day to spend on tasks that deliver a profit, and less time spent on bookkeeping and accounting.

    It makes it easier for clients to pay

    If the flexibility and time-saving benefits associated with cloud invoicing software are not enough to sway you, how about the advantages to your clients? Making it not only easier for you to send invoices, but for them to pay them, you’ll find that you’re minimizing the admin tasks at their end too, which means they’re much more likely to pay up promptly. That’s because, with the right cloud based invoice system, all they’ll need to do is click a button and payment is immediate. This sense of ease and efficiency should then have the knock-on effect of impressing them and helping you to build the beginnings of a (hopefully fruitful) long-term professional relationship.  

    It can automate processes 

    As we briefly touched on earlier, cloud invoicing has another major upside: it can help to automate processes. Online invoicing software for small business projects can especially help to renovate procedures, with time most definitely equalling money for entrepreneurs and freelancers, every second saved can be spent on more productive and profitable tasks.

    This, in turn, makes automation an incredibly attractive feature. Luckily, with cloud billing software, this tends to come as standard, with automation possibilities available for dozens of different actions and processes. These tend to range from sending out automatic late payment reminders to recurring billing functions, to effectively speed up, streamline, and improve your methods.

    You can track every minute that you work   

    Last but not least, cloud based invoicing software can be useful in that it allows you to track every minute that you spend working for or with a client. Being able to see this at a glance has lots of professional upsides, as it means you can identify areas where you can streamline your workflow and increase your profits, as well as noting any tasks where you’re not breaking even or are making a loss. While this sort of function can equally be carried out by a time-tracking app or stopwatch, the upside to cloud based invoicing software is that these features tend to be integrated, so this data can be automatically transferred to the relevant client invoice.

    There's no better time to streamline your business and maximize your outputs. With simple and easy to use systems, cloud invoicing software is great for businesses looking to evolve their projects and take their efficiency to the next level.